nathbiogenes Cotton NBC-10 / Profit+ BG II

NBC-10 / Profit+ BG II

  • Erect Open, Small Leaf, Large no. of Bolls

  • Pink bollworm tolerant

  • Sucking pest tolerant

  • Medium compact boll, excellent opening

  • Heavy boll weight

  • Suitable for rainfed cultivation

  • Early - thus second crop is possible

  • More profit, Less Expense

Pancharatna / Jalwa BG II

  • Heighted long branched plant

  • Maximum no. bolls per plant

  • Suitable for Irrigated cultivation

  • Big compact boll, excellent opening

  • Tolerant to sucking pest

  • Highest yielder

nathbiogenes Cotton Pancharatna / Jalwa BG II
nathbiogenes Cotton Sanket BG II

Sanket BG II

  • Highly resistance to sucking pest

  • Medium boll size

  • Excellent opening, Easy Picking

  • Bumper yield