HRD & SystemHR Practices followed at Nath Bio – Genes (I) Ltd.

The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people.

Leif Edvinsson, Swedish Intellectual Capital guru in Corporate Longitude (2002)

The company has always emphasized on constant upgradation and consistent development of robust HR Practices. The HR Department instills the values of teamwork, professionalism and innovation in every employee of the company and strives to keep building a dynamic organization culture with latest Policies and Practices.

A Rewarding Place to work:

The company’s philosophy is one of developing its own people and enabling their growth. At the same time experienced professionals are recruited as needed to bring in new perspectives. People with strong values of honesty, integrity, a zest for doing something better and the enthusiasm for continuous development are preferred at Nath Bio – Genes (I) Ltd. A motivated workforce is crucial to embrace challenges in the industry and a growth oriented environment helps the employees to contribute, excel and realize their potential.

Manpower Resourcing

Internal Resourcing: The Company tries to locate talent internally in order to provide opportunities for career development and learning to its employees. This is done via posting vacancies internally. We also prefer candidates who are referred through existing employees.

Lateral Recruitment: We believe in inducting skilled people from other organizations into the company from time to time. The new blood enhances the existing skill set and helps the company to become competitive amidst increasing complexities.

Direct Recruitment: We regularly post vacancies on our Website, advertise in local and national dailies, on websites and update our databank of resumes so that we can approach the candidates directly on need basis.

Continuous Learning & Development

Organizational excellence is achieved only through continuous investments in the growth and potential of human resources and capital. Personal and professional growth is encouraged by offering opportunities for employees to take initiative, innovate, experiment and learn. A detailed training calendar is prepared every year for in house trainings and external training programs are arranged on need basis.

There is great emphasis on subject matter and behavioral training apart from technical and on the job training. To tap the creativity of employee’s initiatives like Kaizen, 5S and Leadership Development Programs have been implemented.

Performance Management System

360 Degree Feedback: The 360 Degree Feedback System ensures that the senior managers are assessed by their peers and given valuable inputs regarding their work style. This in turn enables the top management to prepare their development plans in accordance with their goals and potential.

Appraisals: Appraisals provide opportunity for employees to explore their potential for professional growth and personal development. The developmental needs and future potential of the employees are recognized through yearly assessment via appraisals by the Management and HR Department. Feedback is shared openly and on an on-going basis. Reward and recognition are linked through measurement of Key Result Areas.

Compensation & Benefits

To ensure that all employees feel like a part of the Nath family, the company strives to provide educational, housing, recreational and medical support to employees and their families, at all times.


The Mission in HR Department is to continuously attract, hire, compensate, develop and retain highly qualified and diverse workforce who effectively support the organization’s vision to be the most admired company in the seed industry.

It is also the mission of HR to advance a culture which supports quality of work-life issues, enhances employee morale, facilitates effective performance, and challenges employee potential to enable to satisfy customer needs beyond expectation.

Finally, it is the mission of HR to provide leadership with trust in the development and implementation of effective Human Resource policies, procedures, programs, and systems and make an environment conducive to be a BEST PLACE TO WORK. To ensure that, we have a workforce of passionate, involved and energetic people who are focused on their professional and personal goals.