As very aptly said by the world’s Marketing Guru, Mr. Philip Kotler, “…Marketing begins with the identification of customer needs.” The prime focus of the company and employees is on its target beneficiaries, the farmers of our country.

The company is currently engaged in marketing of over 90 products in 20 crops including cereals, vegetables, oilseeds and cotton. It has a national presence with a robust and ever expanding marketing centered network across India. The marketing network of the company is a spread across all the states of India with 14 offices, around 1000 distributors and a pool of 20000 dealers and sub-dealers. The company devotes a lot of time and attention to the distributors in key and emerging markets. Holding regular interactions, at the local and head offices, ensures durable relationships. Specially designated field officers called Nath Farmer Advisors are a part of the company’s field force who constantly visit villages and talukas to guide the progressive farmers and others on various subjects like agronomical practices, latest products offerings of Nath and crop management techniques. This is done with an aim to help our farmers reap a bountiful crop and enhanced revenues.

The company has an exceptional on-field sales and marketing team which comprises of 40% of the workforce. The regional and territory managers are provided with all necessary tools and trainings to extend best services and guidance to our farmers. We regularly conduct promotional activities comprising field days, field visits, jeep campaigns, Krishi Melas to ensure that our customers, the farmers, are equipped with the latest information to maximize yield. Innovative ideas for improvement in on- field customer services are adopted without delay.

The company’s vision is to provide sustainable agricultural solutions to its end customers, farmers which has led to the development of a robust pre sales and after sales system ably supported by people and technology. A plethora of extension services designed to benefit the farmers significantly are delivered every year.

Nath Bio-Genes has started the project “Nath Farmer Helpline” a toll free service for the benefit of farmers who can communicate their queries regarding products of Nath with an aim to maximize yield. Through this program the company also reaches out to customers using the mobile platform to educate them on the crop agronomy, pest and diseases management, weed management and post harvest management of our products. These services are offered as a contribution to the farming community with no commercial objective.