nathbiogenes Wheat NW-111


  • Whitish/pale yellow medium grains.

  • Soft Chapati.

  • 80-100 cm semi erects plants.

  • Maturity-110-120 days.

  • Easy to harvest.

Nath Wonder

  • High degree of tolerance for high temperature.

  • Lodging resistant.

  • Yield 60-65 qtls per hectare.

  • Plant height 90-100 cm.

  • Average no. of tillers 12-14.

  • Maturity days 115-120.

  • Sharbati type of seeds colour and lustrous bold grains.

  • Tolerance to rust and karnal bunt disease.

nathbiogenes Wheat Nath Wonder
nathbiogenes Wheat Mohan Wonder

Mohan Wonder

  • Sharabati type attractive grains.

  • Excellent Chapati making dough quality.

  • Plant height: 85-95 cm.

  • Tolerant to stem and leaf rust. Profuse tillering.

  • Matures in 100-115 days. Yield potential: 25-30 qtl./acre

  • Very much a wonder wheat product, almost always in greater demand than we can meet. Mohan wonder is widely respected for its dough quality, good performance and high yield across most wheat growing areas of the country.